ABCDaire d'Alsace

ABCDaire d'Alsace, an online version of an ABC-Book.

date: february 2013

tags: Responsive Web Design, Ruby, Rails

Visit their website The problem

The "Club des Ambassadeurs d'Alsace" (an online and offline social network sharing their interests in the Alsace region) is publishing a small ABC-book every year. The book is centered around 7 universes like innovation, gastronomy or culture. Each universe contains several articles. The goal of the book is to enlighten several unknown facts about the Alsace region. It's one of the many tools available to promote the Alsace region.

The main issue with this medium is that informations can become very quickly outdated. This fact, and the popularity of the project has lead to the need of an online version. However, the transition between a printed book and a nice website is not an easy task.

The solution

After Novelys has presented a concept prototype, we were hired to develop the complete solution.
In 4 weeks, we developed a nice and complete responsive website which is easy to navigate and invite the user to explore all its pages.
The decision to associate each article with a picture results in a very eye-appealing website, without moving the focus away from the information itself, which is always present or a tap away.

The site is completely responsive, meaning the content will adapt itself and behave nicely, no matter what kind of device (computer, tablet, smartphone) you are using.

Some user interface (UI) elements are either displayed or hidden, depending one the user's device type, the screen resolution and orientation (portrait or landscape), wether it istouch enabled or not, etc.

Since the website is viewable with a smartphone, performance and bandwith consumption were a standard feature from day 1.

As always at Novelys, we also took care of providing all the tools that the customer needed to manage all the content of his website.