BestOf Photos

Create photo albums automagically from your Facebook social graph

date: S1 2012

tags: Startup, Facebook API, Heroku, Resque, i18n, Big Data, CRM, Ruby, Rails, MongoDB, Redis, Touch

Visit their website The concept

BestOf Photos analyse your Facebook Social Graph to help you building your photos albums.
With a secret algorithm which will analyse your relationships, tags, likes and comments, the service will be available to find your 5 best friends and propose you an automate special photo albums built upon your interactions with theses 5 best friends.
The website is available in French and in English.

The problem

Gathering and analysing lots of data can be a tough job, mainly at scale and with the Facebook API.

The solution

On the Back End, Novelys provided its knowledge of NoSQL databases (such as MongoDB and Redis), its knowledge of fetching data through the Facebook API and analysing lots of data (sometimes called Big Data) to help bootstrap the BestOf Photos project and have an acceptable build time for each photobook.
Each book is then rendered as PDF on the server and sent to the printing partner.

On the Front End, using HTML5, CSS3 and javascript, we help bootstrapped the main user interface, which is about flipping your newly created book, as you would do it with the real object.
And yes, all the UI works on touch enabled devices, like the iPad.