The City of Dieppe website, adapted to a touch-based navigation.

date: from 2008

tags: Backbone.js, Touch, Ruby, Rails, Responsive Web Design

Visit their website The problem

Novelys developed a few years ago a website for the City of Dieppe, presenting news and informations for the citizens. The city was looking to renew the design of this website, and improve its user experience on touch devices such as tablets.

The solution

Novelys rewrote all of the frontend code to have a single-page javascript application, using Backbone.js. This change was made to improve the overall navigation experience, and have a fast and responsive website.

The website also makes great use of the responsive web design techniques, to adapt to the different tablet sizes and orientations.

In order to be touch-friendly, we also used the Swipe.js library. It allows the user to slide between each headlines or other pages and greatly improves the user experience on tablets.