EcologieShop, a complete ecommerce platform, with one central stock management and several satellite websites.

date: from december 2008 until now

tags: Ecommerce Platform, Ruby, Rails, Sphinx Search, SOA, API

Visit their website The concept

Novelys was hired initially to develop and maintain the EcologieShop website. It's a complete ecommerce website, you'll find:

  • a tree of categories,
  • products,
  • product variants(bulbs can have 5W, 10W or 15W power, can be available with screws or sockets),
  • packages (arrangement of several products with their own quantity),
  • product rebates and category rebates,
  • coupon code,
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Credit Card and Paypal payment gateway integration
  • Full text search
  • etc.
Of course a back office is available to fully operate the platform.
Stock and delivery management is integrated into the ecommerce platform. Deliveries are ordered to an external logistic partner. The problem After 3 years and more than 1M € of turnover per year, the customer wanted to split the website into several, each with their own unique branding.

The solution

Novelys extracted the stock management into its own application, available trough a private API, doing what is called Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

We then setup a source code infrastructure to share the common part between the satellite websites in a smart way.

Ecolodis Solaire is one of the many satellite website gravitating around the EcologieShop ecommerce platform.

Each satellite website has its own operators who operates the site through its own back office.

Every content is manageable through this interface: the products, the packages, the SEO descriptions (Search Engine Optimisation), the news, the editorial sections, the highlighted products, etc.

Several CSV exports and dashboards are available to the admin users. It's the main software used by the customer and its employees to manage its business.

Products feeds are built to advertise product informations to affiliate business partners like:

  • RueDuCommerce (XML)
  • Netaffiliation (XML)
  • Price Minister (XML)
  • Neteven (SOAP)

The stock backend has its own dedicated control panel.

The web application is interconnected with the logistic partner (Moring Logistic) to export and import delivery informations.