Gather your photos and your friends after an event.

date: from january 2011 until now

tags: Startup, Photo, API, Facebook API, Picasa API, Flickr API, Resque

Visit their website The concept

So you attended a wedding last weekend. You took a few dozens photos. And all the attendees did the same. Reunik is the website designed to invite all the attendees and help them share their photos with all the other attendees in the simplest way possible, whether the photos lies on your hard drive or your Flickr/Picasa/Facebook account.

The problem

After having tested his idea and developped a prototype during a Startup Weekend, Reunik's founder contacted Novelys to help developped the full featured product.

The solution

Novelys's Team shared his knowledge and manpower to help develop the first viable version of website in less than 3 months.

The wide varities of external services you can use to store your photos has put our knowledge on how to connect several services and APIs to work.

Every invited guest can choose the photos he wants to share. Different sources are available:

  • your hard drive,
  • your Facebook account,
  • your Flickr account,
  • your Picasa account,
  • or you can even send an email with the pictures attached and we'll add them to the pool.

Once everyone shared his own photos, they are available in the common pool. You can then choose a small selection, download an archive containing high definition versions of the photos or buy an printed album that we'll be assembled for you.

Of course, you can choose to have your album public or private.