A private online social luxury network with exclusive personalized services.

date: from september 2009 until now

tags: Social Network, Ruby, Rails, Sphinx Search, i18n, Paybox billing

Visit their website The concept

The-Sphere is a private online social network. In this case, that means once your membership has been accepted, you'll pay a monthly fee to access the network and its conciergerie.
You'll find all the functionnalities commonly found in a social network:

  • a timeline,
  • your friends,
  • private messaging,
  • group of users management,
  • photos management,
  • "people you may know",
  • user's profile,
  • etc.
You'll also find some modules unique to The-Sphere:
  • a Concierge module with special services and products ordering,
  • a membership module,
  • a geolocator module (to know where your friends are),
  • a travel guide tailored by The-Sphere members.

The problem

The-Sphere was initially developped by another provider and the customer wanted to accelerate the pace and quality of the software development.

The solution

Novelys was quick to respond to his demand by providing senior rails developpers to take over the project and add new functionnalities.

The dashboard is the central page of your network on The-Sphere.

A special back office module was developped for the admin users so they can quickly build a newsletter template.

While the highlighted content is chosen by the admins among the available content on The-Sphere network, specific content is inserted for each user receiving the newsletter. User with a valid membership receives informations related to their activities on the network.