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By Novelys

Tomorrow is gonna be a spike

A few days ago, a wannabe customer came to us to get a quotation for his startup project. Our analysis went straightforward for the most part, and we could get some numbers in front of the customer’s expectations. However, for one key piece of the webapp, the customer wanted a precise experience for his users. The page is full of AJAX call to external APIs. Of course, planning is guessing, but for this tricky part, we wanted to be as accurate as possible and to be sure that we could achieve the experience the customer wants.

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By Novelys

A new coworker

While buying some stuff in a Puma store in Strasbourg, I asked brazenly if it was possible to buy those cute little pinguins they in had in the shopwindow. The shopgirl answered that, unfortunately, it was not possible to buy them. But! But, at the end of the season, in june or july, they will find new homestays for their penguins. We let our name, and voilà, 6 months later, a new coworker in the CPPlex ! A quick poll on twitter and Facebook help us find his name : welcome Pen Pen ! Thanks to @nmerouze who was the first one to suggest that name. Continue reading »

By Novelys

MongoFR event in Paris

Today, with David and Yann, we were at the MongoFR event at the coworking space called La Cantine, in Paris. Courageously, Yann registered himself as a talker to present "Ruby et MongoDB dans la pratique" and was the first speaker on the main conference room. 10gen, the company that created the MongoDB database and sponsored the MongoFR event, was well represented by some people from there who made some speaks:
  • Kyle Banker, talked about "Schema design"
  • Mathias Steam, talked about "Administration" and "Map/reduce, geospatial indexing, and other cool features" (you can see all his Mongo presentations on Github)
  • Alberto Lerner, talked about "Indexing and Query Optimizer"
  • Dwight Merriman, talked about "Replication and Replica Sets"
  • Eliot Horowitz, talked about "Sharding"
But there were also some French MongoDB addicts: Well, a great day, some high-level but interesting talks, and a lot of photos made by AF83 on Flickr and David on his Flickr too (but still no dev girls except me...)! Continue reading »

By Novelys

DroidCamp at Stuttgart

Today, I went to the DroidCamp with Stéphane, so I was no more the only one French there. When we first arrived, we took our nice polo shirt and badge and a big German breakfast! [caption id="attachment_37" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="German breakfast @DroidCamp"][/caption] The DroidCamp begun at 10a.m with the classical presentation of BarCamp concepts and staff members, and then the famous 3-tags people presentation. There were 4 dedicated rooms for the sessions and I followed these ones:
  • session 1: "Ruboto: Ruby on Android"
    • The goal is to have the possibility to easily develop Android apps using Ruby:
  • session 2: "native 'enhanced' vs. web apps"
  • special session: "Blinkendroid world record"
    • 51 Android devices playing an animation (useless but funny!): [youtube=]
  • session 3: "Windows phone 7 #shocked?"
    • If you're interested and you speak German, you can see the slides on slideshare: windows-phone-7-talk :)
  • session 4: "Android for business"
As we were very tired after this day, we didn't follow the last session... I just want to say THANK YOU again to the organization team, and especially to Benny, Moritz and Markus. See you at the next DroidCamp! Continue reading »

By Novelys

Back from Euruko 2010 !

Euruko 2010 afterparty, originally uploaded by novelysfrance.

We're back from Euruko 2010 and we're very pleased to have sponsored this conference !

We went to Krakow with Yann to attend the event. And thanks to Paul Klipp, Ela Madej and the rest of the organizing crew, Euruko 2010 was a bliss. The conference room was fully packed with Rubyist and good technical talks. Beside, you will find good overview of the 2 days conference here and here.

Bonus1 : Krakow is really a lovely city.

Bonus2: we even had a chance to take a photo with Matz, the creator of the Ruby language !

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