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ABCDaire d'Alsace

The "Club des Ambassadeurs d'Alsace" (an online and offline social network sharing their interests in the Alsace region) is publishing a small ABC-book every year. The book is centered around 7 universes like innovation, gastronomy or culture. Each universe contains several articles. The goal of the book is to enlighten several unknown facts about the Alsace region. It's one of the many tools available to promote the Alsace region. Continue reading »


EPRA, European Platform of Regulatory Authorities

The EPRA is an european platform that aims to provide a forum for informal discussion and exchange of views between regulatory authorities in the broadcasting field, for exchange of information about common issues of national and European broadcasting regulation, and for discussion of practical solutions to legal problems regarding the interpretation and application of broadcasting regulation. Continue reading »


Reunik - Gather your photos and your friends after an event

So you attended a wedding last weekend. You took a few dozens photos. And all the attendees did the same. Reunik is the website designed to invite all the attendees and help them share their photos with all the other attendees in the simplest way possible, whether the photos lies on your hard drive or your Flickr/Picasa/Facebook account. Continue reading »

By Novelys

New open source contributions

Novelys's engagement in Open Source is undeniable. We define ourselves as a part of the open source ecosystem. You can find our names in several projects hosted at Github. Today, we announce 2 new projects written by one of our mighty interns Frédéric Maquin. Pure Javascript Picture Gallery for Titanium

Pure Javascript Picture Gallery for Titanium

This pure javascript picture gallery provides you with a ready-to-use gallery, made of two components. A gallery of thumbnails, in which the user can quickly check pictures and a scrollable gallery of pictures, opened when the user touch one of the thumbnails. It works on both iOS and Android. Android Jpeg Encoder for Titanium By default, Titanium encodes jpeg image with the highest quality possible, sometimes resulting in heavy files sent through the network. JpegEncoder provides a small set of functions to scale, crop and compress an image. Jpeg Encoder only works on Android platforms. Feel free to give your opinion on these 2 projects and... Contribute ! Continue reading »